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I, like seemingly half of 20-somethings, am an anxious person. Every single time my dad calls me I think he’s about to say my mom got hit by a truck. You know? That kind of anxious. It’s no fun.

And you know what? The internet has made it even less fun. There are two mentalities about treating and managing these kinds of thoughts. Both are too extreme. On one hand, you have the overly-rigid, cold-hearted refrains like “your life is great, you have nothing to worry about!” and “I’m not worried, so you shouldn’t be either”. On the other, you have well-meaning but inefficient mindset that almost fetishizes self-care, which tends to create people who aren’t very resilient and therefore stay stuck in an anxious loop.

This is the Baby Bear of anxiety websites. Not too harsh, not too touchly-feely. Juuuust right. My goal is to reassure you that you’ll get through some of the most common rational (and irrational) worries and anxieties of our day—without treating you like you’re incapable of growth.

It’s nice that you’re here (stay a while!), but I’m not just writing for y’all. I write here because I need these posts. My mother, the saintly woman who’s had to deal with my obsessive worrying for more than twenty years, often tells me that I need to put things in perspective. She’s not mean about it, but she also doesn’t let me wallow. And you know what? It works. Looking at objective facts and forcing myself to look at the bigger picture helps me stop spiraling. It doesn’t make the worry go away, necessarily, but it gives me focus.

Here on P&PT, you’ll find posts in three categories: perspectives, which are a little bit like tough-love and tend to be specific to a situation or worry; pep talks, which are more general and a bit kinder; and meta posts about anxiety in general, our society’s view of anxiety, opinion pieces, et cetera (this is also where I get a little ranty, if that’s your thing). You might notice that a lot of these posts are on very narrow, irrational topics. This is because I’d often google search the entire sentence “I’m anxious about my car’s transmission” and nothing would come up. Now this site will come up!

If something has been on your mind and you me to write about it, contact me here. Wanna know more about the stranger writing these posts? Click here for my bio. And lastly, this site is not for real medical advice. I am not qualified to help anyone with clinical anxiety or depression. I’m here to help you think about things in a more positive, constructive way and almost maybe post funny gifs. If you feel like you need some next-level help, please see a professional. I have some resources and links here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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