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No matter what you think, the world isn’t ending.

Your life isn’t over.

I can prove it.

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“I’m Scared I’m Going To Get COVID-19”

Every single morning of the past month, I’ve woken up with a scratchy throat. Every single morning, I think uh-oh. It’s happening. I’ve got it. Spoiler: I haven’t gotten it. Yet. I expect I will someday. Flattening the curve is important to keep from overwhelming our medical system, which would lead to more deaths. But…

We’re All Behind Together

I’m a public librarian. Even though my workplace is obviously shut down because of COVID, I’m working from home. I know just how lucky I am how to have a job period. And honestly, there are lots of things about it that I actually really enjoy. I get to pet my dog whenever the heck…

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